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Taurus Blue Moon Meditation for Radical Transformation! with Kalyan Darshan

October 30, 2020 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Friday | October 30th | 7pm-8:30pm | Onine via Zoom | Register

With light from transformation Scorpio, and Uranus’ radical change energy, this blue moon in grounding Taurus restores the power we have in our physical lives.

What an intense month it has been, and beginning and ending with a full moon, it’s no surprise. The full moon in Taurus on October 31st brings energy for radical change, a Blue Moon on Halloween conjunct Uranus!  This powerful lunation is highly charged for liberating something once and for all and there are BIG cosmic reasons why…

Bask in transformational light:
The light glowing from the moon full in Taurus is from the Sun radiating light from the transformational sign of Scorpio. It can show us how we have been using or misusing our power and how to restore it. Scorpio is a deeply passionate sign activating the deepest layers of our subconscious, where our hidden self resides, our shadow nature that we hide from ourselves and others.

Of the three water signs, Scorpio represents the still waters that run deep deep deep below the surface.

When we delve into this part of our psyche, we have the greatest success at ‘addressing the root’ of an issue, or really getting to the bottom of the matter. During this Full Moon, we have an opportunity to bring something important to light and integrate more of our shadow. Although the Scorpion symbolizes the house of Scorpio, in 5D, this house is represented by the phoenix. We can release and let go of something that seemed impossible, or that we had perceived had defeated some part of us.

Uranus the Awakener:
But even more than that, we are gifted with radical energy for change! Uranus is in perfect alignment with the Moon as it becomes full. This is rare! Uranus can shift our psyche in an instant! It innovates and illuminates our higher mind bringing revelations and change for accelerating our growth. Uranian energy is sudden, sometimes shocking, and can ‘crack the code’ delivering us long-awaited inspiration and the keys to break through and break free!

And now consider that the moon and Uranus are conjunct in Earth sign Taurus. Taurus represents what we need and what we value. So whatever is activated to release, it will surely bring us closer to manifesting what we need, desire, and value as we move forward.

Our Ceremony…

Mindful movement:
With gentle breath and movement, we will circulate energy through our bodies, releasing tension and stress, preparing us for our practice.

In time with a rhythmic groove, we will commence a breath together and gradually slow it down, down, down. Our brain wave state follows the breath shifting from beta, to alpha to delta states and perhaps beyond for those of you who are regular meditators.

Sat Narayan Meditation:
It is said that this practice eradicates the ghouls, ghosts, and negativity that have lurked deep inside us by flushing them out. Narayan invokes the Universal Water Element, a solvent that cleanses and heals us through the water element within us.

It brings light to our darkness, restoring a deeper sense of happiness, a lighter heart, peace, and calm.

Gong Bath:
During this deeply relaxing sound healing bath, the work we have done is integrated. As the body and mind rest, we can journey into the cosmos.

Antar Naad Full Moon Prosperity Meditation:
With everything we have been through this year and beyond, we can truly rise from the ashes with this practice, ending our practice uplifted, with more of our power restored.

How to prepare:
Wear your comfy clothes and create a nurturing space with pillows and blankets and all your creature comforts, crystals, candles, and a glass of water.  Consider your intention for releasing that tricky thing/s that has been hampering your life, maybe for years!

It’s brilliant that the cosmic currents are flowing to restore our power at this time, releasing subconscious stuck programming that’s been holding all of us back. And in another two weeks, we will celebrate the New Moon in Scorpio. We will have a new space within us and a new sense of power to plant new seeds deep deep deep in our subconscious for incredible positive new growth.

I look forward to sharing this meditation with you as together, we empower and uplift each other’s practice.

Please REGISTER HERE  to practice with us live, or you can register to receive the recorded meditation to practice in your own time.

All Are Welcome

Love, Kalyan Darshan


About the Instructor

Having been promised a gong bath, Jacinta unknowingly attended her first Kundalini Yoga Class! What she discovered was a yoga practice that included her most endeared pursuits, spirituality and mysticism, music and meditation, neuroscience and empowering exercise. She began a regular Kundalini Yoga practice and within a year had overcome conditions she’d been unable to resolve until then. When Yoga Central announced it’s inaugural Teacher Training program, she signed up immediately.

Kalyan Darshan brings more than two decades of live music experience as a vocalist, songwriter, musician and DJ. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Anatomy and Physiology, a Bachelor of Metaphysics, and is a Sound Healer and Meditation Guide. She officiates marriages and performs divine services as an ordained metaphysical minister with the International Ministry of Metaphysics. Kalyan Darshan supports the conscious awakening of humanity as we enter the Aquarian Age and very much looks forward to practicing with you soon.


October 30, 2020
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
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Larisa Radha Premdeep


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