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Basics of Numerology with Dharma Kaur

January 13, 2018 @ 10:00 am - 12:30 pm

$50 – $65

Numerology Workshop & Private Readings

If you’ve been looking for a powerful tool to help you understand yourself and others much more effectively, you are in luck!  World-renown Numerologist, Dharma Khalsa, will be visiting Houston for a short time this January. 

She will be offering privates and a variety of workshops to offer the basics and intermediate applications of numerology in order to guide you in:

  • understanding yourself better
  • harnessing your strengths
  • transforming challenges
  • understanding relationship dynamics
  • finding solutions unresolved issues and conflicts
  • identifying specific dates to start projects, schedule a wedding, or any other important event

Basics of Numerology Workshop| January 13th | 10am – 12:30pm | $50 pre-reg, $65 at door | Yoga Central *       Register here

Go Deeper into Numerology Workshop | 2pm – 5pm | $65 pre-reg, $85 at door | Yoga Central *    Register here

* Pre-Reg for both = $105     Register here

Privates $138/hour | Register via satmitar.com | Location details (northern Heights) will be provided in email confirmation along with birthdate information request. 

Why study Yogic Numerology

1. What is Yogic Numerology (YN) and why would it be useful?

YN is a sophisticated system that self-fulfillment and healing of the person. The date of birth provides a wealth of information used to construct a perspective on the “Map of Life,” guidance and transformation.

There are 4 major aspects to the study of Yogic Numerology which distinguish it from all other systems:

a) Basic Numerology itself that includes the core elements of Akar Jantri and information from other systems so a practitioner is well educated in the field

b) Technical, relational and intuitive thinking which comes from understanding the layers of the classical approach in every formula and calculation

c) The numerology of healing, which is the healing of the 10 bodies and using the 10 bodies as instruments of healing, called Laser Touch.

d) The correct prescription of Yoga, humanology and lifestyle techniques.

2. Where does this system come from? This technology is based on the ancient Akar Jantri system, originated in India and passed on through thousands of years through the oral tradition, in secrecy, by royal advisers and spiritual leaders. During the 20th Century the Master Yogi Bhajan, considered this technique to be the Psychology of the New Era so he taught it. Later he told his student Yogi Akal, current Master of this Numerology, to develop the system further incorporating aspects of Classic Yoga and the Technical and Relational thinking ways of the West and to teach it.

3. Which answers does this Numerology give you? Numerology answers the basic questions of life: who am I, what do I have to learn this lifetime, why am I here, what is it what I have to do here, and how do I change my life, among others.

4. And when you are at a crucial moment of your life? Numerology teaches you to calculate which are most adequate moments to take important decisions to move a project, or to reflect and be patient. It also allows you to dispel doubts about the purpose of your life, aligning you with your mission on this planet.

5. Who can benefit from Yogic Numerology? This technique can be applied to individuals, couples, families, businesses, countries, animals, any living being, group or entity that has a date of birth, creation or beginning.

6. Which professionals could apply this technique? Psychologists, therapists, teachers, coaches, leaders and diverse professions which are in charge of people. With Yogic Numerology they will be able to lead, orient, support and help the people they work with and apply their capacities and skills at a higher level and reach their potential taking into account their soul. It is a simple and certain technique that can help solve conflicts within a few minutes. 

7. If you are a Yoga Instructor? As a yoga teacher many students will come to you to ask you about their life. Disoriented, and needing your guide. This tool will help you to guide them in an objective and neutral way, without personal interpretation, from a place of true intuition where there is no interference with your ego, thoughts or feelings.

8. And if you have children? Numerology can help you support their personal growth and development. It will also help you to understand on a deep level your relationship with them, aiding communication and understanding.

9. How can Numerology help relationships of couples? If you are in a relationship or want to enter one, Numerology will help you to know yourself better as well as the other person, as well as the cycle of each one and your compatibility. It will help you to focus on a conscious relationship of growth and support, avoiding complicated journeys and painful experiences.

10. Can Numerology predict the future? Yogi Numerology is not a technique to predict the future. However, it is effective for knowing what to do and when to take action.

About Dharma

Dharma is a trained lawyer, worked directly for Yogi Bhajan, Master of Kundalini Yoga, studied healing with Gurudev Singh, Master of Sat Nam Rasayan and Numerology with Yogi Akal, Master of Numerology. She is of German descent but grew up in Chile, so she speaks German, English and Spanish.  She travels all over the world teaching and counseling through these ancient traditions mentioned above. Soon, Dharma and her daughter will relocate from Equador to the Canary Islands. This is a special moment in time…not sure when she will return to Houston. So don’t miss her!

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January 13, 2018
10:00 am - 12:30 pm
$50 – $65
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