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Gemini Full Moon Eclipse Meditation with Kalyan Darshan

November 29, 2020 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Sunday | November 29th | 7pm-8:30pm | Live-streamed via Zoom | Register

During the Gemini eclipse, we release outdated patterns from our mental realms. The twins reveal two paths. Let’s navigate to the high road!
About this Event
Yet another awesome lunation providing energetic waves for self-exploration and for propelling us forward in our awakening.

When the Moon is full in Gemini, it shines a light on our conscious mind. It shows us where our thoughts are polarized or in conflict … illustrated by the Gemini Twins! And that light shines forth from the Sun in Sagittarius, the house that governs our highest truths and beliefs.

This is a time to examine what we think, what is important to us, and what we communicate with ourselves and others. Often times, our thoughts and communications are driven by our fears. Whilst Mercury and Venus make their way through Scorpio, they are helping us recognize the icky patterns that lurk deep in our subconscious that arise into our conscious minds as fear. The feelings that hold us back.

This eclipse will assist us in liberating our minds from these icky patterns and as these unconscious fears are released, our mental boundaries are expanded making space for the awakening of our Higher Mind and imaginations.

As we expand the limits of our conscious mind at this time, we can feel great and positive one minute and overwhelmed in the next, but this uncomfortable cleansing is necessary for our Highest good to emerge within us. And so much what will be birthed in us, we can’t even imagine yet. Hang in there because much will be revealed to us during this eclipse season. Yes! The best is yet to come!!!

We can assist the process by consciously adjusting our conscious thoughts and in doing so, we edit our story! And Gemini is a mutable sign, helping us to make these adjustments.

The mind is everything. What you think you become. Buddha


~Mindful Movement~

In preparation, we will release stress and tension from our bodies and circulate life force energy with gentle mindful movement coordinated with our breath.


In light of the polarizing nature of Gemini, we will calm our minds with Alternate Nostril breathing with a difference. This particular breath timed with a rhythm will support Mercury in Scorpio to release old karmic patterns held in our subconscious.

~Guided Meditation~

We shall work with the eclipse energies and tend to the garden of our mind, decluttering and weeding out the old thought patterns that serve us no more. As we explore the different aspects of our thinking mind, we will apply a cleansing Mantra.

~Gong Bath~

Relax and integrate our practice and receive the healing vibrations of the gong.

~Full Moon Prosperity Mantra Meditation~

The Antar Naad is such a beautiful mantra meditation that we practice every full moon. It cleanses our chakras as we bathe them with cosmic love energy, replenishing our life force and bringing us into the frequency of abundance.

~ Final blessing~

We end our practice by joining our hearts, blessing each other and all sentient beings with peace and love.

I look forward to sharing this meditation with you because together, we empower each other’s practice.

All Welcome!


Kalyan Darshan

About the Instructor

Having been promised a gong bath, Jacinta unknowingly attended her first Kundalini Yoga Class! What she discovered was a yoga practice that included her most endeared pursuits, spirituality and mysticism, music and meditation, neuroscience and empowering exercise. She began a regular Kundalini Yoga practice and within a year had overcome conditions she’d been unable to resolve until then. When Yoga Central announced it’s inaugural Teacher Training program, she signed up immediately.

Kalyan Darshan brings more than two decades of live music experience as a vocalist, songwriter, musician and DJ. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Anatomy and Physiology, a Bachelor of Metaphysics, and is a Sound Healer and Meditation Guide. She officiates marriages and performs divine services as an ordained metaphysical minister with the International Ministry of Metaphysics. Kalyan Darshan supports the conscious awakening of humanity as we enter the Aquarian Age and very much looks forward to practicing with you soon.G


November 29, 2020
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
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Kalyan Darshan