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Classes are all levels – Cost is $10 per class

8:30 AMSat Kartar (L.Ac.)
10:00 AMSatmukh Satmitar *SatmukhKalyan DarshanKalyan Darshan
6:30 PMSatmitar *Sylvia "Charan" * Satmitar *
7:30 PMSat Siri

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Self-Healing through Kundalini Yoga & Essential Oilsyogini meditation
Monday evenings in February

This will focus on self-healing through Kundalni Yoga & Essential Oils (100% pure plant medicine). Both are ancient, powerful and effective tools for bringing the body, mind and spirit back into balance. Each class will focus on a particular health/wellness condition, specific yoga sets, meditations and essential oils will be studied and experienced for addressing that particular condition. For more information, click here.

Revitalize & Thrive! Kundalini Yoga Workouttree
Tuesday mornings in February

Are you ready for increased vitality, clarity, spiritual strenght? Wouldyou like to THRIVE rather than just survive? We will transform our body, mind and spirit through the power of Kundalini Yoga! For more information, click here.

KYfromtheHeartKundalini Yoga from the Heart
Tuesday evenings in February

February is the perfect time to work on the most important relationship of all–the relationship with your Self. The focus will be the heart chakra, and opening the flow of compassion, kindness, forgiveness and love… toward yourself and others, resulting in healing our heart on a physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic level. For more information, click here.

Essentials of Kundalini YogaPrayerPose
Wednesday evenings in January and February

Beginners are encouraged to attend, but everyone is welcome! The focus will be on experiencing yoga practices as a technology teaching self-awareness and consciousness. You’ll enjoy a great class, relaxation, and meditation, plus the emphasis will be on learning, in a systematic way, the movement, meditation and breath work practices of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation. For more information, click here.

Let Your Heart Lotus Bloom!growing lotus
Thursday evenings in February

Throughout the month of February, we will nurture our heart so it blossoms and radiates the purest, most divine fragrance. This frequency will affect all aspects of your life. Join us to cultivate compassion, kindness, joy, and most importantly, LOVE….for yourself…. and then send it to all living things. For more information, click here.

Cultivating Abundance and Your Divine ConnectionAbundance_Divine_Connection
Tuesday evenings during March

In this series, we’ll work on our inner reality and cultivate our Divine connection, aligning our energies with Universal energies, so we can tap into the Law of Attraction, and attract and manifest abundance, peace and joy in our life. For more information, click here.


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