Activate Your Superpower | Meditation and Healing

Saturday, July 22nd | 10-12:30pm | $30 | Register to save your spot

“It takes tremendous strength to surrender life to the Supreme – to the Cosmic Unfolding.” Mooji

Are you feeling the pressure of life right now?

It’s time to activate your inner super power: tremendous strength.

Invest 2.5 hours of your time and energy to experience powerful meditation and healing that will help rebuild you to keep up and WIN every moment.

First, we will practice the “Meditation for Tremendous Strength:”

  • Part 1: 11-minute Meditation with Gong, designed to nourish the parasympathetic nervous system
  • Part 2: 8-minute Deep Breathing/Mudra Meditation, designed to bring tremendous strength and enhance the “superconsciousness present in everyday consciousness.”
  • Part 3: 31-minute Kundalini Shakti Mantra (see below) chanting with mudra, designed to adjust the master glands through sound current which gives an experience of Infinity.

Aad Sach, Jugaad Sach, Hai Bhee Sach, Nanak Hose Bhee Sach.” please practice in advance.

Then, we will dive into Deep Relaxation and rejuvenate.

Finally, we will complete the course with a self-healing practice that expands our state of shuniya (silence), refines our subtle awareness (intuition) and strengthens the projective meditative mind.  


Looking forward to being with you soon.

Sat Nam!
Satmitar (Stacey)